The leaders and employees of HTP Solution, guide their actions in dealing with the various sectors of society, ensuring the following principles:

For the customers
  • The professionalism, trust and transparency;
  • The protection and confidentiality of information provided before, during and after the negotiation;
  • The availability of solutions that promote business development, permanently investing on the search of appropriate technologies, and on the improvement of business strategies;
  • The appreciation and respect to the fulfillment of agreements and contracts;
  • The valuation of business opportunities and established partnerships, in order to benefit people;
  • Strong revulsion against corruption.
For government agencies
  • Compliance with tax and labor laws, applicable to the business;
  • Strong revulsion against corruption.
For the employees
  • Conservation of a work environment in which the relationship is based on professionalism, trust, cooperation, integration, and the respect for cultural differences;
  • Sharing of knowledge and experience, seeking the improvement of technical skills, methods and processes, in order to achieve the best results for the company;
  • Valuing people, contributing to their personal, technical and professional development;
  • Permanent attention to the efficient use of the material and non-material company resources;
  • Preservation and respect to the image, heritage and interests of the company;
  • Recognition and valuation of intellectual capital as well as encouraging the emergence of new leaders;
  • Valuing and encouraging individual and collective ethical conduct.
For the suppliers
  • Legality, impersonality, morality, frankness and efficiency in all acts;
  • Maintain a mutual relationship based on respect, preserving the company’s and its customers information confidentiality;
  • Sustain Relationships with suppliers and partners that have similar ethical standards to those adopted by HTP Solution and accordant to social morality;
  • Establishment of constructive partnerships;
  • The rejection of contractual provisions that conflicts with the dignity, life quality and the well-being of outsourced employees;
  • Strong revulsion against corruption.
For the unions and associations representing employees
  • The recognition of the legitimacy and keeping an ongoing dialogue with the legally constituted institutions that represent workers, lined on mutual respect, integrity, accountability, and transparency in relations;
  • The use of negotiation as an appropriate tool to achieve integration and convergence;
  • The fulfillment of the stipulations written in the instruments that direct the company's relationship with its employees.
To the community
  • The establishment of a fair and balanced relation with the community, by encouraging, promoting, supporting and participating in social responsibility events;
  • The encouragement, support and participation in government actions aimed at social development and the fight against poverty;
  • The motivation to its employees socio-cultural and sports initiatives;
  • The incentive and the development of policies for environmental preservation.
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