HTP (High Technology and People) applies computer resources to find solutions for technological, structural and business process problems within organizations, making them competitive and ready to grow.

Applying acquired knowledge and expertise through years of experience in IT, management, and logistics, HTP shapes company data into strategic information turning them into key pieces to decision makers.

Known partners are Dell, Microsoft and Mitsubishi Electric. HTP is the first Brazilian e-F@ctory integrator, a hardware solution which gathers and deploys information from factory floor in real-time allowing strategic and operational analysis.

The company has a management model based on excellence, recognized in 2010 by winning the prize MPE Brasil, wich is sponsored by Sebrae, Brasil Competitive Movement (MBC), National Quality Foundation (FNQ), Gerdau and National Confederation of Industry (CNI), and later in 2012 with the Quality Regional Award, sponsored by Minas Quality Institute (IQM) .

In the second quarter of 2014, HTP Solution won the National Innovation Awards in Business Model category thanks to iTransport, a modern set of solutions based on software, hardware, and consulting services to improve companies transportation management focused on employees needs.

1093 Raja Gabáglia avenue, , 11th floor. Luxemburgo
30380-403. Belo Horizonte. MG. Brazil
Phone +55 (31) 3313 7600